Treat yourself to our infrared sauna, flotation therapy, massage therapy and mind spa.
Whether your goal is whole-body relaxation, heightened focus or simply better health, our spa services can help.


Detoxify and rejuvenate with the world's leading infrared saunas. The Relax Sauna uses special technology (a semi-conductor chip certified by the FDA) that makes it more effective than any other portable or wooden sauna. Our Near Infrared Sauna penetrates up to nine inches into the body for faster healing, increased energy and fat loss.  Begin your session with 12 minutes of Whole Body Vibration

Book your session today for only $15!

Flotation Therapy

Experience weightlessness and total relaxation while floating in our custom-designed floatation room. Equipped with two-way intercom, chromatography lights, a starry night LED ceiling and music compatibility, floating in 1000 pounds of Epsom salt has never felt so good. Hour-long sessions start at $35!(First Time Float)

Mind Spa

Reach deep states of awareness, reduce stress and enhance learning in our Mind Spa, equipped with a Osaki massage therapy chair, Mind Alive brainwave entrainment device, The Wild Divine meditation software and Virtual Reality. We offer self-hypnosis audio for enhanced relaxation, weight-loss, improved productivity. Cost is $35 an hour.


Restore a deep sense of peace for your mind and body.  Whether your goal is to release impurities, stimulate circulation, improve breathing, reduce inflammation or smooth out the appearance of cellulite, Enlight Inn has a therapy for you. For as little as $15, you can enjoy a session in the halo room.


Our spa packages are designed to give your body the full-treatment
(including all spa services and complimentary food from the cafe).
Annual Members get an additional 10% discount on spa packages.

Daytime Wellness

Option 1

1 Hour Massage & 1 Hour Float $95

Option 2 

12 Minutes Vibe, Far Infrared Sauna & 1 Hour Massage $75

Option 3

1 Hour Flotation Therapy & 1 Hour Mind Spa $65

Option 4

Halotherapy Session & Mind Spa (Two People) $75

Overnight Wellness


Overnight Stay in Private Cottage (Full or Queen Size Bed  (Check in 3PM - Checkout 11AM)

1 Hour Floatation Therapy

1 Hour Massage

1 Hour in the Mind Spa

1 Halotherapy Session

Far Infrared Sauna Session

Complimentary: Smoothie and Bulletproof Coffee

Add a friend for $140 (Halo Session and Mind Spa Shared)


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