MASSAGE THERAPY improves circulation, reduces joint stiffness and pain while relaxing your muscles. Feel the tension leave your body in an hour massage. $65/Hour   $90/90 Minutes   $40/30 Minutes  (Add Deep Tissue $10) Couples Massage $130/Hour (Add Halotherapy to Couples Massage for $15)

THAI MASSAGE is a combination of massage and gentle movement. Acupressure, compression and stretching will guide your mind and body into a peaceful, awakened state. This service is done fully clothed on a thick cotton batting floor mat. $65 - Thai with Halotherapy $80

FASCIA BLASTING breaks up fascia for ease of movement, reduced pain and a smoother appearance of your body. This service is combined with 15 minutes of FAR Infrared Sauna and gentle massage. Pre-pay 3 sessions for $60 each ($180) or $65 for a Single Session.  Target Sessions: $40/20 minutes plus 15 minutes of sauna

FASCIA BLASTING FACIAL for tighter, smoother skin $70

FACIALS rejuvenate your skin, calm your senses and lift your mood. $45/30 minutes $70/60 minutes $100/90 minutes

An AYURVEDIC FACIAL is not limited to the face. It includes the head, neck, shoulders, arms, lower legs and back. Natural unpreserved skin care products are used to treat the cause of aging, blemishes, and wrinkles found in the deepest layers of the skin to create a deep experience of calm in both mind and body that radiates from the face. $70

WAXING services for face and body start at $12 Brazilian $55


BROW AND LASH TINTING available for $20 each

HALOTHERAPY is beneficial for breathing issues, skin conditions and inflammation. Calm mind and body for $15 per person/30 Minutes  - Private Room/4 people for $50 - Private Yoga in the Halotherapy room $60

VIBROACOUSTIC THERAPY reduces physical and mental stress, lowers blood pressure, improves digestion and helps with back pain $10/30 minutes


Restore a state of peace

Rejuvenate skin

Deepen sleep

Release impurities

Stimulate circulation

Improve breathing

Reduce inflammation

Smooth out the appearance of cellulite